Act your Job

Act Your Job is a European Union funded Leonardo da Vinci Partnership. The partnership is formed of Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions, enterprises and social partners from Spain, Poland, Hungary and the UK.

The partnership is aimed at reinforcing or creating closer links between VET and working life and responding to the needs of the labour market particularly of SMEs, through recognition of informal and non-formal learning. Act Your Job is looking at how theatre skills can help the under 25 with no formal training into employment.

The aim of Act Your Job is to motivate, enthuse and instruct students aged between 18 – 24 in performing arts techniques to enhance opportunities of employability.’ John Kester, Transnational Project Manager at CIPs.

Each partner will look into making an ‘Act Your Job’ performance in their institution with the plan of offering theatre or performing arts as part of training for employability.


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