Youth Contract

Newham College of Further Education’s Youth Contract programme supports 16 – 17 year olds who are not in education, employment or training [NEET] in getting back into studying or find work.

The opportunities available through this programme include:

  • Taster Days – to try out a range of courses
  • Work Experience – spending time trying out a new job
  • Short courses – great for CV
  • Apprenticeships – earning money and receiving a qualification

Here are a few of our success stories:

17 year old Mike* was referred to the Centre for Innovation and Partnerships Youth Contract programme by Coburn Mental Health Unit, Newham General Hospital.

Being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, Mike had previously been a resident at the hospital under section and later moved to day release. Through the programme, Mike’s mentor supported him to identify his interests and skills, and helped him to research suitable and relevant courses in preparation for his discharge from the hospital.

Mike’s mentor was on hand to help him through his journey including escorting him to his enrolment day at Quest Training and signing up for a Hairdressing pre-apprenticeship in conjunction with functional skills Literacy and Numeracy.

Mike is currently 1 month into his pre apprenticeship and through weekly mentoring appointments and joint working with Psychologists, he has been supported by his mentor with all issues he has faced.

16 year old Imran* who suffered from severe anxiety problems, was referred to the Centre for Innovation and Partnerships Youth Contract programme by Tunmarsh School. Having been bullied in mainstream schools, Imran was transferred to the pupil referral unit. Due to poor attendance, Imran was later home schooled for 3 years.

Imran’s mentor initially struggled to provide support due to his anxiety issues. Several appointments were missed as he was too nervous. Imran’s mentor decided to adopt a different strategy and built up a relationship with him by speaking to him on the telephone regularly. Having built up his trust, Imran’s mentor was then able to visit him at home to provide further mentoring.

Through the programme, Imran has successfully attended various short courses in Construction and with the support of his mentor, he applied for several apprenticeship roles. Imran’s mentor helped him with his interviewing skills and later successfully secured an Apprenticeship with Carillion Construction.

16 year old Karen* was referred to CIPs by Tunmarsh Pupil Referral Unit. Karen had been home schooled for previous 2 years and sat her GCSE’s at home. Suffering from severe anxiety problems, Karen was unable to leave her house. An advisor started a mentoring programme with Karen and carried out regular home visits to build up a rapport. As part of the programme, the advisor explored Karen’s skills, qualities and interests and researched relevant courses. Karen and her mentor visited various training venues and Karen later enrolled on a Level 1 music course at the Access to Music College in Bow, London.

Having taken part in the programme and with regular support from her mentor, Karen’s anxiety improved and she was able to pass her first practical performance assessment. Karen’s advisor continues to mentors her on a regular basis.

Many participants on this programme have gone onto highly paid construction jobs, become fashion designers, started their own businesses, started work as professional actors and musicians, as well as chefs, tailors, fitness instructors, shop managers…and many more!

*Names changed to protect identity.

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