On Track: Ellie Doughty

19 year old Ellie Doughty was struggling in her studies when a tutor recommended Newham Colleges On Track programme. The On Track project supports 14-19 year olds in staying focused and getting organised with their educational needs through workshops and one-to-one mentoring.

Ellie was struggling with handing in her courses on time, had a bad attendance and punctuality record and difficulties in organising herself. With a one-year old child to look after, she had almost given up.

With one-to-one mentoring and access to an advisor, Ellie was soon on track to completing her Level 3 course in Health & Social Care.

‘I’m not sure where I’d be now had I not had the support my On Track mentor gave me. I had help with my timetable and communications skills – 2 areas which I needed help in. My mentor also attended meetings with tutors with me to make sure I explained myself properly.’

As well as getting support with her studies, Ellie also received vital careers advice – which helped her decide what she wanted to do after college.

‘I’m planning on pursuing a career in teaching – especially working with students like myself who struggle with studying. The mentors inspired me to give back to those in similar situations to me.’

Against all the odds, Ellie successfully completed her studies. This was recognised by the College when was nominated for the Student of the Year at the Outstanding Stars 2013 Awards, and later went on to win!

Ellie has is currently studying Criminology at the London Metropolitan University and is looking forward to starting the next chapter in her life.

On Track worked with over 100 students between 2012-13 and all have gone onto positive outcomes including University.

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