Entrepreneur: Solomon

Name: Solomon

Before Steps to Enterprise: After completing his A levels Solomon went on to University, but left before graduating to pursue his own business ideas. However, Solomon struggled to maintain a consistent income as a Location Manager, working with artists, film makers and other creatives to find appropriate locations for their projects, and decided to take a step back and re-evaluate.

“I didn’t want to work for anyone else, but I needed to take the pressure off myself and weigh up my options. So, I moved back home and began to focus on starting again.”

How Steps to Enterprise helped
Solomon enrolled on to the Steps to Enterprise programme after deciding to concentrate on starting a film production company specialising in video content for museums and galleries.

“It’s a niche that I’ve come across through my work and my own research. There are 1600 galleries in London, 120 with video content and 20 with good video content. This is an area where I can grow my business.”
Steps to Enterprise gave Solomon the tools to effectively and practically plan for the growth of his film production company; Howitzer Collective.

“You have the ‘big picture’ in your mind which, to some people, seems unattainable. The course teaches you to set goals and create action plans with outcomes that make the ‘big picture’ possible. I’ve read books and watched lectures about this stuff, but working with someone face to face really makes a difference.”

Where is he now?
Howitzer Collective, now a registered business, is gathering momentum and is on target to becoming a powerhouse in the video content world.


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