Entrepreneur: Yvonne

Before Steps to Enterprise:

Yvonne has been out of work for a few years while she focused on raising a family. Not seeing a lot of opportunity in the job market, Yvonne decided to invest in herself.

“I’ve always had little business ideas which my family scoff at, but I saw an advert for the course and thought I’d take a chance and enrol.”

How Steps to Enterprise helped:

Yvonne found the delivery and content of the course both insightful and interesting.

“I’ve been to a few things like this, and I’m always watching the clock. With Steps to Enterprise I didn’t look at the clock once. The sections covering the business plan are invaluable and the group exercises and challenges really help you to strengthen your ideas and strategies.”

Yvonne attributes much of the courses success to the environment created by the lecturers and fellow entrepreneurs.

“It’s important to be around positive people. Everybody there is inspired. The attitude of the group and the tutors really helped me to work through my ideas.”

Where is she now?

Yvonne has now registered her clothing and retail business and is booking parties and showcase events, as well as building up her stock for the coming seasons.

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