Entrepreneur: Julie Creffield

Julie is a plus sized athlete who sees herself as a lifestyle coach. Her website; toofattorun.co.uk, opens with ‘My name is Julie Creffield and I am a Runner.’ The site includes blogs, advice and the opportunity to sign up to her ‘Clubhouse.’ Here she invites not only plus sized runners but beginners for weekly session plans, technique drills, new information from the world of running, support and group runs.

Julie first discovered the Business Lab when she happened to walk past in Stratford shopping centre. She now uses it regularly to meet with business advisors who support her with advice on all aspects of her business.

One of the main problems Julie faced when starting her business is that it can be lonely running a business by yourself. So, she enjoys working with the advisors and the open working environment at the Lab.

Julie mainly uses the Business Lab as a place to work quietly, away from home where it is easy to get distracted, and also enjoys attending the Business Lab’s workshops and networking events.

‘Too Fat to Run’ has gained a lot of exposure having been featured on ITV’s This Morning. Continuing on from this, Julie is leading a campaign called ‘Run For Your Life’ where she is encouraging the nation to run using techniques from her bestselling book; ‘5 Weeks to Run 5k’. Julie has had four books about running published, all of which are available on Kindle, with two more in the pipeline.


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