Exchange: Joanna

As a part of the Erasmus+ exchange programme Newham College and its European partners have brought Joanna to London from Majorca, Spain to complete a month long work placement.

Joanna is currently enrolled on a Commercial Studies course at her local College in Majorca, and was keen to experience as many elements of business as possible on her placement.

Newham College’s Centre for Innovation and Partnerships placed Joanna with Jen Exports; a full service transportation and logistics company based in Rainham, Essex.

Joanna took no time at all to fit in at Jen Exports’ head office. Coincidentally one of Joanna’s new colleagues was in the process of learning Spanish. So, they helped each other out in the language department.

During Joanna’s time at Jen Exports she worked predominantly on administration, organisation and marketing materials such as posters and flyers.

Sam, Joanna’s manager and owner of Jen Exports, has been very impressed with Joanna’s development over the four weeks, and hopes she’s heading back to the UK very soon.

“She can come back any time. There’s a job for her here if she wants it! She’s been a model employee!

Joanna is confident that her experiences here in the UK will help her with finding work in the future.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time in London as it’s helped me to become more independent and improve my professional experience. I feel I understand business a lot better after experiencing the day to day running of the company.”

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