Work Focus: Afjal

Before Work Focus: Afjal has worked in the textile factories of East London for 15 years, but for the last 2 has been unemployed and looking for work.
How Work Focus helped: Work Focus helped Afjal to overcome his nerves when speaking publicly or in a group situation, and furnished him with the confidence and know-how he needed to improve his abilities using a computer to create a professional CV and apply for jobs.

“Since I left school looking for a job has changed. Applying for a job has changed. It’s a completely different environment since I last had to look for work. There were no application forms then. The lecturers here have shown me how to write my CV, how to hand it in or how to send it, how to interview, how to present myself – everything. ”

Where are they now? Through completing the course Afjal has been able to take the next steps to employment by enrolling on a recruitment programme guaranteeing an interview with Morrisons.

“I would not have been able to get to where I am now if it wasn’t for the skills and self-belief I gained from Work Focus.”

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