CEO Project

Themes such as social inclusion and entrepreneurship are high on today’s social agenda. Newham College of Further Education is involved in a translational project, “Coach for Entrepreneurial Opportunities” (C-EO), looking at how these themes fit together.

If Europe succeeds in embedding entrepreneurship in the fabric of all we do, then it will flourish economically. There is a large group of people who have difficulty accessing the labour market and are therefore socially excluded.  These include young people, older people and long-term unemployed.

Newham College thinks that entrepreneurship for these so-called risk groups is essential.  The C-EO project aims to develop conditions and tools that can help these groups to create and seize opportunities. The method the project uses is to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour of the work adviser or educationalist.  This in turn promotes an atmosphere of positive options for the so-called risk groups.


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