Get Paid. Get Qualified. Get Ahead.

Your skills and knowledge have never been more valued. An Apprenticeship gives you a head start in a career of your choosing, with many apprentices climbing the ladder to management roles—and getting paid to learn along the way.

An Apprenticeship allows you to develop the relevant skills and experience that employers work so hard to find when recruiting. You’ll gain a qualification that is relevant to your industry, and skills that last a lifetime.

Who we work with 

Newham College works with a diverse range of employers with vacancies in many dynamic industries.

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Kick start your career

Newham College Apprenticeships attract the best and brightest from across London. If you’d like to get a head start in your career, gain a recognized qualification and get paid to do it, contact the dedicated Apprenticeship team and find out how you can kick start your career today!

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